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Marketing Operations

When choosing to work with a pay-per-click management agency, choosing one that is well-versed in marketing operations saves your business time and effort.

Many agencies will handle your paid search, display, video, or Facebook advertisements to get traffic to a landing page and capture leads, but their expertise stops there. Having a partner that asks questions about what data matters most to your sales team and how that data is best captured, communicated, routed, and managed in your CRM is above and beyond.

It is this type of thinking that we work to apply with nuance and detail at crftsmn.

What is marketing operations?

Shortly put, marketing operations is the management of the marketing programs and campaigns, systems that include lead routing, scoring, enrichment, and management, and technology integrations that your marketing runs off of and prepares leads through for your sales team. To put this in perspective – downstream from marketing is sales operations and fulfillment, upstream is product and engineering. An overarching view of these systems and procedures may be looked at under the revenue operations flag – the systems and procedures that drive revenue for your business.

Today, marketing operations is a specialized field requiring the ability to apply logic, process, and technical know-how to the different marketing systems and software in the market place.

How crftsmn plans marketing operations at your business

At crftsmn, we take marketing operations into account when planning paid advertising for your business. This comes into play from the software we use to create your ads to the landing page builder we use to spin up a site catered to the traffic we’re nurturing. These platforms are designed to plug and play with a variety of your systems – from project management software like Asana to CRMs like Hubspot or Salesforce. We want to be able to provide you with the most streamlined service, with no muss or fuss with manually exporting / loading data – it just needs to flow and work.

When engaging with a client, we seek to understand your tech stack, know where to integrate, and build accordingly for your business’s needs.

Marketing Operations Services & Planning

Paid Advertising Marketing Operations Services

Crftsmn provides basic marketing operations support with our paid advertising campaigns to make sure:

  1. Important and correct lead data is captured (think questions and fields)
  2. Your CRM is integrated with landing page technology
  3. Lead data transferred appropriately (think mapping into your CRM)
  4. Lead data is presented correctly (think nomenclature to your sales team)

Marketing Operations Consulting

At this time crftsmn provides additional marketing operations services such as:

  1. Hubspot CRM: lead routing & management, pipeline build, workflows & automation, custom objects, and more
  2. Call tracking: call tracking, attribution, branching, management, reporting, and integration to Hubspot CRM
  3. Landing page management
  4. Plan and process development
  5. Training and instruction for your team
  6. A host of other operational management for that includes software such as:
    • HubSpot <=> Salesforce integration
    • SurveyMonkey, Typeform, JotFrom
    • Calendly, Chilipiper
    • ZoomInfo, Clearbit
    • Asana, other project management software

Work with crftsmn for Marketing Operations

To explore working with crftsmn for marketing operations on a project or ongoing basis, reach out to our team today. We can build a solution to fit your business’s needs with or without PPC management.